Webinar Series JB3

Junior Bayes Beyond the Borders (JB3). 

We are delighted to announce Junior Bayes Beyond the Borders (JB3), an online seminar series jointly organized by the BayesLab at Bocconi University and j-ISBA, the junior section of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA). The initiative aims at transforming the restrictions of the recent worldwide health emergency into a new opportunity to offer visibility to outstanding junior Bayesians beyond the space-time-budget barriers that usually make it difficult for them to present their research in seminars across a diverse range of countries and institutions.

With this goal in mind, JB3 will provide an online dynamic environment where outstanding junior Bayesians will have the chance to present their research to the worldwide Bayesian community. The first series will run from mid June to mid July 2020, and will feature talks by the five Savage award finalists, who will have 45 minutes to present their research, followed by a 10-minute discussion by a senior scholar and 5 minutes of floor discussion. The link of the webinars will be shared below prior to each talk.

Due to the importance of the above endeavor, JB3 will continue after the health emergency as an annual series. It will include various refinements aimed at increasing the involvement of the whole junior Bayesian community and facilitating a broader participation to the online seminars all over the world via various online solutions. Stay tuned for another announcements regarding the details of the annual series!

Program for the June/July, 2020 Edition.

  • 25/06/2020, 3pm UTC (5pm Italy time)
    Speaker: Francois-Xavier Briol (University College London)
    Title: Stein's method for Bayesian computation
    Discussant: Nicolas Chopin (ENSAE Paris)
    Webinar Slides: Talk  Discussion
  • 02/07/2020, 3pm UTC (5pm Italy time)
    Speaker: Lindsay Berry (Berry Consultants)
    Title: Bayesian dynamic modeling and forecasting of count time series
    Discussant: Christopher Glynn (University of New Hampshire)
    Webinar Slides: Talk  Discussion
  • 09/07/2020, 2pm UTC (4pm Italy time)
    Espen Bernton (Columbia University)
    Schrödinger bridge samplers
    Michela Ottobre (Heriot Watt University)
    Webinar Slides: Talk
  • 09/07/2020, 3pm UTC (5pm Italy time)
    Speaker: Alejandra Avalos-Pacheco (Harvard University)
    Title: Factor regression for dimensionality reduction and data integration techniques with applications to cancer data
    Discussant: Peter Mueller (UT Austin)
    Webinar Slides: Talk  Discussion
  • 16/07/2020, 3pm UTC (5pm Italy time)
    Speaker: Christian A. Naesseth (Columbia University)
    Title: Machine learning using approximate inference: Variational and sequential Monte Carlo methods
    Discussant: Arnaud Doucet (University of Oxford)
    Webinar Slides: Talk

Scientific and Organizing Committee:
Roberta De Vito (j-ISBA Chair Elect)
Daniele Durante (BayesLab)
Giacomo Zanella (BayesLab)
Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter (ISBA President)
Igor Prünster (BayesLab and ISBA President-Elect)